Monday, January 6, 2014

Family History Book of Remembrance: Testimony

DISCLAIMER: This blog, in the past, has been wonderful for me to document my little family's life as we have grown and evolved. With the passing of my father ( in November of 2013, the gospel principle of eternal families, the veil between us and the spirit world, and serving those who have past on, have become so much more tender and close to my heart.
I am excited to now revamp it for a semester and turn it into a place for me to document my BYU-Idaho Family History class project.

My first assignment for this class is to write out my testimony or personal view of life:

From Left to Right: My Mother Dina, my Cousin/Sister Cheyenne, My Brother Jose, My Sister Imani, My Brother Omari, My Father Sonny, & ME :)
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father because I am given the opportunity each day and each moment of my life to have my eyes opened to the miniscule and obvious glories of the earth and heavens. I love knowing that there truly is an order and a peace within all things and situations and chaos and that I have a Father and Brother who created all things for my benefit and growth. I love that when the darkness of the world is placed within my blinders, I have tools, materials and even guardian angels who can show me how to interpret those things and situations so that I can be an influence for good within them. I have a testimony of always striving and never forgetting to be a disciple of Christ and represent Him and his gospel through my verbal and physical actions and words. I know that Heavenly Father has prophets and apostles on this earth with keys to receive specific revelation for our generations time on this earth and that He is always reaching out for us to learn and grow and become more than we ever knew was possible for us and our families. I know that there is power within utilizing the priesthood of the church and praying diligently to God whenever we want and need to repent, give thanks and gain a lasting and personal relationship with our Savior and Heavenly Father.

I am humbled by the blessings, love and peaceful confirmation through my hardships and trials that Christ is my Savior, that families can be together forever and that I have so many people, both here in the physical world and in the spirit world, who love me and want to see me and my family succeed and expand within the gospel.

I write these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


  1. This is one of the most beautifully expressed declarations of faith that I have ever had the privilege to read. You have carefully chosen just the right words in almost poetry to uplift me and touch my heart deeply with gratitude because these truth also are cherished in my heart. Thank you so much for sharing. AMEN!

  2. I love you and your testimony. Phhewwww so grateful for the Gospel if Jesus Christ.