Sunday, August 12, 2012

Surprisingly Not Sick of Em' Yet

This Alpine UT trip was spontaneous but mostly a ton of fun!
I went with Terry, Katie, Casie, & Imani & we picked peaches to our hearts desire.
The Chappells even let me take home some fresh organic eggs, 
I plucked them from the coop myself (thank you very much)
I'm very grateful to Jared & Amy for always being so warm & kind to us 
& we can't wait to see those guys again real soon!

sistas organizin' our pickins 

 OF COURSE the 1st thing we did upon waking up 
the next day was bake a HUGE peach cobbler:

The Many Faces of Egg Retrieval:

& Then We Went Out & Picked Some More!

Anyone Know Any 2DieFor Peach Recipes?

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